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Wyndham Hotels green initiative award level 1

We’re doing everything we can for the environment at Wyndham Residences Costa Adeje. As a Wyndham branded hotel, we’re proud to be part of the Wyndham Green Certification Program. We’ve implemented a range of sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives that have resulted in a more efficient operation, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. It’s the start of our journey towards being carbon neutral.

An environmental concept - a human hand holding a glass ball reflecting green colours from a forest
A chaffinch type bird sat on a branch in woodland
An environmental concept - clean water swirling around making a pattern

Energy efficiency

We’ve installed interior energy efficient LED lighting throughout the resort to reduce our energy consumption.

Minimising water use

Aerator taps, push buttons and dual flush toilets have been installed to reduce our water consumption.


We abide by a strict Recycle and Reuse policy and provide colour-coded recycle bags in all our accommodation to make recycling easy for guests too. Guests can also dispose of their recyclable waste responsibly in any of the recycling points around the Resort.

Reducing single-use plastics

You won’t find plastic straws or takeaway containers in our restaurants; we prefer recycled paper, cardboard containers and compostable plastic. All takeaway cutlery is made from compostable plastic or sustainable wood/PLA.

Recycling toxic waste

We won’t ever bin harmful items like light bulbs or batteries. We use a regulated recycling to dispose of toxic waste.

Clean air

Regular cleaning of all air-conditioning units by specialists ensure they are safe and running at their most efficient capacity.

Promoting sustainability

We strongly encourage the reuse of towels in our apartments and suites. It’s one way guests can assist us in reducing energy and water use.